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Earl Jones Luxury Dressing Gowns


Earl Jones Robe-Wear fills a very specific niche: the need for well-tailored dressing gowns that look and feel good. Specifically designed to enhance body shape, these bathrobes and gowns are made from a variety of feel-good fabrics including velvet velour towelling, suede and marshmallow fleece.

Colour combinations include parchment stone, white, black, chocolate and the ultimate his / hers classic: faded dark with a white pinstripe.

James Strack


good dressing gown is the essential wardrobe item of 2010. Robes are the perfect garments for tough times – a wearable comfort-zone for recession-stranded executives and work-from-home operators who don’t get dressed until their first meeting of the day at 4pm!

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Models by:
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