A Classic Collection of Perfect Home Comforts
Louise Alexandra - Bespoke design & lifestyle consulting

The Home Collection from Earl Jones

Home Collection

Earl Jones Home includes a wide selection of items, from custom-made furniture and handsome storage, to luxurious bed dressing. Oversized satin-lined bed-throws, luxury thread-count (550’) linen in duck-egg blue, iced coffee or crisp white, and heavy grammage towels (750 gsm) and bath mats (1050 gsm) are the order of the day.

Also on offer are indoor / outdoor entertainment essentials such as oversized champagne coolers, decorative hurricane lamps, end-grain chopping boards and cutlery trays manufactured from indigenous assegaai and white pear wood.

Other décor items include sought-after convex mirrors, perfume diffusers (imported from Italy) and beautiful counter or coffee table book stands.


Our tote favorite is the luxuriously padded leather headboard in whiskey or chocolate leather.


n the correct setting, any one of these timeless pieces has the power to transform an everyday interior into a classic, comfortable haven, worthy of a designer’s portfolio.

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