A Classic Collection of Perfect Home Comforts
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Earl Jones Gifting

Earl Jones Gifting

The range includes vintage leather wine carriers, beautifully carved trays (some upholstered in chocolate mock-croc leather) as well as silver-plated bowls and large wooden hold-alls with leather handles.

A magnificently packaged range of gel and soya candles (Tahitian Black Ginger and Limeleaf Papaya) and bath crystals constitute the ultimate gift. The rich combination of black satin ribbon dressing over (re-usable) heavy glass containers in clear or masculine smoked finish makes this range a "must-buy".


inally, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the range of highly effective polished aluminium doorstoppers certainly will. These stoppers come adorned with a selection of polo horseheads, pansy shells, starfish or an array of alternative maritime and equestrian themes.

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