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About Earl Jones

About Earl Jones

Earl Jones is a brand dedicated to the seemingly effortless attainment of a privileged lifestyle via a simple yet powerful formula: with a few immaculately selected, potent style items you can transform your “lifestyle” and your home.

Founded upon the proposition that ‘Comfort is the ultimate luxury’, the Earl Jones Home Collection consists of a superb range of luxury décor, home-wear and entertainment essentials, providing style-starved South African homemakers with a previously unobtainable standard of quality and design.


The Earl Jones Home Collection encompasses several distinct themes ranging from the formal classiness of New York’s old money to the chic casualness of New England’s yacht clubs, and from contemporary European minimalism to Out of Africa colonial decadence.


arl Jones is a brand with a vision. It’s about creating a classic interior that enhances your life through functional aesthetics and uncompromising quality. It’s about livable luxury with no date tag.

Designer Arrangements Supplied and Styled by
by Caroline Fine Flowers
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